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Fri, Apr. 22nd, 2005, 09:14 pm
theskysoblah: (no subject)


Top 5 Favorite Bands:
1. A Perfect Circle*
2. Tiger Army
3. The Beatles
4. The Killers
5. The Postal Service

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1. Requiem for a dream
2. Kill bill
3. Vanilla Sky
4. Queen of the Dammed
5. Clockwork Orange

Top 5 Favorite Books
1. Lullaby
2. Anthem
3. Brave New World
4. Nothing is Nothing..(weird old book i found while back, crazy)
5. Fight Club

My favorite teacher: n/a
Why this school rocks: haha thats a good one..!!

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 07:33 pm
edweird: (no subject)

Brackenridge is hosting "Battle of the Birds" March 7-10, 2005.

This is a competition between the four schools within brackenridge. One activity each day durning lunch. The tasks at hand are architecture, fashion, physics and jeporady.

sign up soon.

I would first off like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I have been thinking for a while for an activity that will spark a positive attitude and challenge between our four schools within Brackenridge. Rivalry might not be the best word, but some positive competition does not hurt anybody. I have thrown around a few ideas that have thus formed the “Brackenridge Battle of the Birds”. March 7-10, a week set aside to 4 activities that test not only the math and science skills of the students, but the creativity and the ability to work with mediums such as cardboard, paper, and material cloth.

The competition divides the school into its prospective houses. In the houses each must put forth 5 students of each grade, to compete once in the events. Each activity calls for 4 team members, it is up to the house to designate which students will compete. In doing this every student might be able to interact with students of a different class, which brings school bonding, the goal of this activity. I have discussed this idea with several students and many see this as a activity worth the time. It may be seen as a headache, but if granted permission, I would be willing to take charge with the help of several students.

Sun, Jan. 23rd, 2005, 04:37 pm
bizarro_audrey: Audrey

Name:Audrey Kate Moehring

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
1.Dashboard Confessional
2.Maroon 5
4.The Early November
5.John Mayer

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
2.Fight Club
3.The Last Samurai
4.The Marix Series
5.Kill Bill Volume 1

Top 5 Favorite Books
1.Ender's Game
2.Speaker for the Dead
3.Metamorphosis (spelling?)
4.On the Banks of Plum Creek
5.the Dictionary (it's my best friend)

My favorite teacher:um...tied between Fibo and Coach Jordan
Why this school rocks: because of my awesome friends!

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are):

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2005, 12:17 am
smprs6061: (no subject)

Name:Joshua Flores

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
2.Operation Ivy
5.The O.C. Supertones

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1.Star Wars (I,II,IV,V,VI)
2.Fight Club
3.Lord of the Rings (I,II,III)
4.The Hobbit
5.Napolean Dynamite(sweet)

Top 5 Favorite Books

My favorite teacher:Coach Dresch (no one fails his class)
Why this school rocks:DRESS CODE!!!!

Wed, Dec. 29th, 2004, 08:12 pm
edweird: Do you want to LA LA?

Name:  Edward Garza
Grade: 12

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
1.  Death Cab For Cutie
2.  Rufus Wainwright
3.  The Postal Service
4.  Sondre Lerche
5.  Snow Patrol

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1.  28 Days Later
2.  SWAT
3.  Life Is Beautiful
4.  Harry Potter III

Top 5 Favorite Books
1.  To Kill A Mockingbird
2.  The Scarlet Letter
3.  Harry Potter IV
4.  Harry Potter V
5.  Camera Owner's Manual

My favorite teacher: 
Ms. R/M Vierya
Why this school rocks:  Because it is almost over
Newest Creation, Foil Tape Jacket, short sleeve. Move over VERSACE

Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004, 02:22 pm
mestuptash: fun facts bout lil ol tash

Our Optional Application:i chose to do it bc i am bored outta my mind!!!!


Grade:12(05 baby)

Top 5 Favorite Bands: 1.mest 2.dashboard confessionals 3.R3 4.my chemical romance 5.Green Day

Top 5 Favorite Movies: 1.Empire Records 2.Dazed and Confused 3.Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 4.The nightmare before X-mas 5.Spiceworld..hahaha

Top 5 Favorite Books 1.Go ask Alice 2.Harrry Potter 3.Harry Potter 4.Harry Potter 5.Night

My favorite teacher:Stillman

Why this school rocks:bc im here!!!

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are):look at my icon idiot...jk :p

Have a totally righteous day, Brackenridge!

Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004, 12:27 pm
poetic_sunset: (no subject)

Our Optional Application:

Grade:10th..07 sucks.

Top 5 Favorite Bands:( in no particular order)
2.Modest Mouse
3.Alicia Keys( although she's not a band)
5.Jay Z?

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1.HP Movies
2.LOTR Trilogy
3.Fight Club
4.Titanic? j/p

Top 5 Favorite Books
1.A River Sutra
2.HP Books
3.The Morning After
5.many fucking more

My favorite teacher:Suess?
Why this school rocks:Are you serious?

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are):

Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004, 09:43 pm
whiteboy123: Whiteboy!!!!!!!

Name:David "White Boy" Briseno
Grade: Senior. Bitch.

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
1.Beastie Boys
3.The Roots
4.Ziggy Marley

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1.Finding Forrester
2.The Terminal
3.Lord of The Rings (All 3)
4.Old School
5.The Matrix

Top 5 Favorite Books
1.Autobiography of Malcom X
2.Grapes of Wrath
4.Rasin in the Sun
5. Black Boy

My favorite teacher: Ms. Stillman
Why this school rocks: The girls have low standards.

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are): Too hot for the net.

Wed, Nov. 17th, 2004, 09:12 pm
watashinokage: (no subject)

Name: Gringito

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
1. Linkin Park
2. Mudvayne
3. The Verve (even if only for the Bittersweet Symphony)
4. The One That Plays Music
5. Along With The Other One

Top 5 Favorite Movies:
1. The Matrix
2. Shrek
3. I'm not even gonna try.
4. Nope.
5. You can't make me.

Top 5 Favorite Books
1. The Count of Monte Cristo
2. Musashi
3. The Picture of Dorian Gray
4. The Animorphs Saga
5. Stuff?

My favorite teacher: 'Tis all about Fibo!
Why this school rocks: Who says it rocks?

Pic (optional, just so we know who you are): I don't feel like posting one, but if you go to Brack and you're on this site [LJ], you probably know me anyway.

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